Research at Leicester Terrace

Please remember that any research project which is undertaken at the Practice has to be approved by a Research Ethics Committee.  They ensure that any research undertaken is of a high standard, is necessary and is ethical.  They also ensure that people undertaking research are properly trained and have a duty of confidentiality.  When a research project has been approved you may be contacted to be invited to take part.  For certain studies we provide your name and address to the research team so that they can contact you.  The research team work as part of the Practice team and have a strict duty of confidentiality.  Whether or not you take part in research is entirely up to you, and the decision you take will not affect your care from the Practice in any way.  Please rest assured that whether or not you allow your data to be used, the care provided to you by the practice and the rest of the NHS will be of the same high standard.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager, Sam Hamilton.

The practice is a member of the Primary Care Research Network (PCRN) and participates in research studies.  When your record is used for research we only release identifiable information about you with your written permission.  We also release anonymised information for research purposes.  We do not ask for your permission to do this.  We follow national guidance, regulations and the law when sharing information in your medical records.  They cover the use of medical records and lay down certain rights for you and obligations for us.

You have the right to opt-out of having your medical record being used for research.  Your objections will be respected except where disclosure is essential to protect you or someone else from risk of death or serious harm.

There are strict measures in place at the Practice and at any other NHS body or external organisation that undertakes NHS research to keep your records confidential.

Join Dementia Research is a nationwide online and telephone service that allows people to register their interest in volunteering for dementia research studies.  People with dementia, their carers, or anyone interested in research can be matched to studies.  

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